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good things :: the wednesday edition

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

I will not be the only one to have noticed that it is getting lighter earlier in the mornings, and darker later in the evenings, and thank goodness. I adore winter up to around 10th January, after which time, I need more daylight and sunlight, and long for the days where you can wear ballet flats without freezing your left foot off. That being said, I don't think we are completely out the woods yet. It is still freezing, and let's just say, this morning was not a morning to forget your gloves when waiting for a very delayed train...

fourteen week pupdate.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Molly, the cheeriest and cheekiest cocker spaniel is fourteen weeks old today. She has been our housemate for a little over one month now, but it feels like she has been with us forever. In spite of the gnawing of furnitures, the now many holes in jumpers, and her occasional frequent mad moments, I cannot imagine a time before our two became a three.

15 signs you are a real life, grown-up adult

Monday, 1 February 2016

1 :: you drink wine you actually like, and not what is just reduced to under £4 in Tesco. Oh, and you drink it from an actual wine glass as opposed to a mug, pint-glass or other remotely clean vessel you have to hand.

2 :: you do not mind spending a few extra pennies on good, quality cheese. A good rule of thumb is the stinkier the better.

3 :: you have a 'card drawer' and a 'gift box' for those emergency birthday scanarios.

five things that I cannot do.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

In a world where we are told to concentrate on what we can do rather than we can't, I have decided to turn that on its head. I could say that this is an exercise in self-improvement, in becoming a better person, but in reality, it's not. In fact, it is what the British do so well: self-deprecation.

good things :: the wednesday edition #013

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

January, the month that gets a bad press is nearly over. So that's that. Before you know it, it will be Christmas and then it will be January again.

Forgive me if I seem a little cynical, I'm not, but the only reason that I will be glad to see the back of January is that I won't have to hear any more about how bad January is for at least another eleven months.

So with that bugbear out the way, it's time to move onto better things, onto good things.