Wednesday, 29 October 2014

five things I am obsessed with right now

1 :: My new, snazzy ankle boots. Except they are actually not that new. I picked these up in Spring, when they were criminally reduced, and have been impatiently waiting to wear them ever since. And now I can, and they are glorious. After all, they do say that give a woman the right pair of shoes and she will conquer the world. Or something along those lines.

2 :: Home interiors. There really is nothing like moving house that makes you want to give your interior choices a complete revamp. Seeing as it's autumn, I think this is the perfect choice to deck our house out from head to toe in tartan.

3 :: Brazilian blow drys. I got my very first ever Brazilian blow dry last week (which FYI, you have to say quite quickly. Opening with I got my very first ever Brazilian can lead to a few raised eyebrows), and after the first few days when the treatment was still in (you are not allowed to wash or even tie back your hair whilst it is), my hair is now soft and smooth, possibly for the first time ever in it's little old life.

4 :: Taking photos of autumn leaves. Anywhere and everywhere. I am officially a crazy woman.

5 :: Twilight. I am a tween stuck in the body of a twenty-seven, soon to be twenty-eight year old. I am officially a crazy woman.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Left London

...and we've moved! Early on Saturday morning, we headed off in our little orange Skoda, Margaret Pepperpot, to drop off the first load of boxes and sign the contract. Then it was back to London for more packing and more cleaning. Sunday, the man and the van came, and we pootled off once more. And now on Monday, it was back to London, to hand in our old flat's keys and say a long goodbye to E11 and a hello to our new lives in the country, surrounded by boxes but happy nonetheless - Toodlepip!

Sunday, 26 October 2014

this week's ten lovely things

After my slightly self-indulgent, woe is me, ten lovely things post from last week, someone up there was obviously telling me to pull myself together, and get on with it. And as punishment for the tiny violins that I wheeled out, several things happened to me in quick succession on last Sunday evening. First of all, while knee-deep in cleaning chemicals, I noticed that our washing line had vanished. With our lovely clean sheets on it. The line had blown over into next doors garden. We managed to retrieve the most, but the duvet cover was gone. And next door's house is empty. No-one lives there. Next, I burnt my arm on a scolding hot casserole dish and am now sporting an angry red burn mark. An hour after that little calamity, I popped a jacket potato in the microwave, only for it to go up in flames, filling the entire flat in smoke, causing it to smell of burnt for days to come. And next, just when the day was ending, I choked on a thyme stalk. So there we go. That was my Sunday night. And I was hungover. Not to be repeated my friends, not to be repeated.

1 :: Yoga, yoga and more yoga. I am now a yogi bear, and not a day goes past that I can't help but donning on a pair of leggings, and getting my downward-dog on.

2 :: Moving! We're packing up, and in the process of leaving London town.

3 :: Wedding dress shopping for one of my lovely bridesmaids, who just so happens to be marrying my bro. Happy days.

4 :: Talking of weddings, researching exciting things like honeymoons and hotels.

5 :: Pumpkin spiced lattes on a chilly autumn day.

6 :: Beef and ale stew, with cheesly (cheese and parsley don't you know) dumplings. Despite the burns and the choking experiences, this is the ultimate autumn dish. Recipe to follow!

7 :: Playing for Keeps. I do enjoy a good chick-flick. Especially when it has Gerard Butler in it.  The cheesier, the better!

8 :: Nearly finishing my Christmas shopping. I'm not even sorry.

9 :: Getting dates in the diary to see two old schoolfriends.

10 :: Red trees and red leaves.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Halloween in Pins

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always adored Halloween. I love carving pumpkins (or drawing on watermelons when the supermarket inevitably sells out) and would like to say that I love staying in, with the curtains drawn and the lights off, watching a scary film. The truth of the matter is, I don't. It's far more likely to be Harry Potter or Twilight.

One day, I would like to visit the US for the 31st October to see the decorations, but in the meantime, Pinterest is, of course, an excellent way to get a Halloween fix.

1 :: vampire make-up

2 :: boo pumpkins

3 :: arsenic bottles

4 :: witch legs

5 :: if the shoe fits

6 :: headless horseman

7 :: truck of pumpkins

8 :: scarpering skeletons

9 :: broomsticks

All Hallows Eve by Bluebell & Bumpkin on Pinterest (link)